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Investment Plan : At least 0.003 By the deposit of BTC, 20 % of 30 business days and 48 hours.

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Bit Power is a trader team which consists of more than 30 specialists in its field.
We succeed in a market for more than 10 years. It was invested in a hopeful enterprise and that was achieved actually.
Our team is dealing with a coding exchange market aggressively. We are concentrating on profiting by only Cryptocurrency dealings.

Frequent Questions

How is the profit generated?
Investment will invent the profit of the 20% 48 hours later after the user's payment is approved.

Do you accept only cipher currency Bitcoin?
We accept only coding currency Bitcoin. This is to make sure the cost of dealings is the best way to avoid becoming expensive, and that the small-scale investor can participate.

What I'd like to begin would I like to do?
The 1st step: The price is chosen and a personal purse is offered to receive the benefit I got. The 2nd step: The optional price (at least 0.003 BTC) is paid in the payment address generated uniquely. The 3rd step: Please receive the benefit even if any more effort isn't done after I wait for 3 of confirmation, without closing a deposit window.

I'm biggest, more than if it's left beyond a minimum?
The price of the 0.003btc non-rise is regarded as a donation and isn't reflected as effective confidence money.

Do you charge any fees for your services?
No, we do no charge any fee for our services or use of Bit Power webisite.

When is my deposit shown to a home page of Bit Power?
Please don't close a payment page until payment is completed. When the confirmation in which you're trading is more than 3 times, and request isn't on a platform yet, please contact a customer support. Please input your bit coin address to check it. Only your request can be confirmed.

Is it possible to make more than one deposit?
Yes, it's unlimited. It's possible to generate the numerical deposit account where I just offer and wish the different payment address.

Is the Bitpower service unique?
We place the very high value for transparency. When Bit Power is used, it's possible to watch and follow up the user's optional all deposits and payment in real time anytime. And I'll pay every day to confirm that your money is safe.

Are all processes automated?
Yes, from all and the deposit to payment. Everything is performed automatically by a pay script!

What is risk of loss of funds for an investor?
The user has to recognize that investment practical use involves risk. The future profit equal to profit data of the past isn't guaranteed.


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